Introducing: Tasun

Tasun is Designed and assembled in Lake Isabella CA.

We’re thinking about implementing Tasun to be made with stainless steel.
Then we can have the new Tasun manufactured in USA – Can’t wait for this to come.

Get the most effective, efficient Lure Retriever in the market. Works every time!
* There are no moving parts, external hooks, or chain-links attached to Tasun.
* Simple to use. Awesome, slick, and slim designed.
* Small enough to fit in your pocket.

* Tasun simply uses its weight 6.71 oz to knock free any snagged lure.
* Awesome designed allow Tasun slides down the snagged line at its center for ultimate balance.
* Tasun use the snagged line as its track.
* Therefore no matter how close or how far, how sallow or how deep.
* Tasun will get there to retrieve your snag lures back to you.

* YEAH! There is no limit of how close or how far, how shallow or deep the snag away from you.


Hover Box Element

Get your favorite lures out of the closet and use it.
Don’t worry about snag.

Tasun will retriever them back

Hover Box Element

Fishermen! Don’t go fishing without Tasun